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Team forming, technical excellence, self-organization, sustainable pace, customer value, business agility, coaching, moderation, facilitation... many challenges you will face on your path toward agility. I can help.

As an Agile coach, I enable development teams. I coach individuals and whole teams. I create sustainable systems where outstanding results and fun are the norm. I build on excellence and clean code. I preach work in pairs or mobs. I trust coaching and mentoring between peers. I advocate craftsmanship. Those are the pillars of my coaching. As an Agile coach, I help management reflect on practices and decisions. I guide projects and organizations toward business agility.

Do you need a senior Scrum Master? A Coach for your teams? Help scaling your teams? A sparing partner for your managers? Someone to lead them toward excellence? We should talk!
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Public Speaker

Outstanding coworkers are not born this way. Becoming one takes a lot of hard work. It requires dedication, introspection, mindfulness, mentoring, coaching and human interactions. This is not an accidental process.

There is not one path to greatness, no silver bullet, no magic recipe and no shortcuts. Growing is a personal journey. Yet there is a map, a set of best practices and known pitfalls that one can acknowledge and build upon.

In the past years, I've encouraged and inspired people in Germany and across Europe. I’ve presented to audiences both large and small. I spoke in a variety of settings and contexts in three languages, German, English and French.

I would love to learn more about your organisation and your event. I look forward to working together do reaching your goals!
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 Tim Bourguignon convinces through his technology independent expertise. As a keynote speaker, he enriched our 2016 community pre-event at the Technical Summit and made the 130 participants not only think but also revise their opinions!"
Jan Schenk - Community Manager Microsoft Deutschland
 Tim convinced us through his professional, but also friendly appearance on the Manage Agile conference. His talk "1001 Pitfalls, Corporate-ScrumMaster Anti-patterns" was very well received by the audience, which the evaluations confirmed. We would be glad to have him again in the program of one of our agile conferences."
Alexander Bertler - Project Manager HLMC Events GmbH
 Tim has helped us twice on short notice at the TopConf Linz conferences. He delivered top notch talks, about Craftsmanship and Mentoring, that received some of the best attendee ratings. I would strongly encourage you to consider Tim for your next event."
Chris Frei - Topconf Founder
 Tim gave a keynote about mentoring on our Agile Lead Camp in May 2018. It was a joy to follow his presentation full of anecdotes and references to major blockbusters all symbolized through his nice handdrawn slides. Accompanied by his vivid and enthusiastic talk this is a must-see for everyone. Thanks a lot Tim!"
Mukadder Karasu - Orga-Team B-DoSE, arxes-tolina GmbH