Hey, thanks for showing up here, my name is Timothée, or simply Tim.

Born and raised in France, after some time in the USA, I settled in Germany with my wife & our three children. Even though I now enjoy both FR & DE citizenships, I am still enjoying life "abroad". Hence the title of this website "Auswanderer Quatsch", literally "Expatriate Nonsense" in German.

I am a passionate software engineer with more than 15 years of experience in building web and desktop applications. I have been leading people and technical teams since 2010 as a tech-lead, scrum master, coach, engineering manager, chief learning officer, international public speaker, mentor and developer advocate. I have grown teams of engineers from 3 to 20 and 20 to 100. I strive when fostering cultures of exchange, respect, growth and learning both with locally and remote.

My goal is to make others be their best!

You are looking for an Engineering Manager, help in Developer Relations, Coaching, Podcasting or something similar at the interface between tech and people? Let's talk!

Side gigs

  • I am the host of the Developer's Journey Podcast, a weekly show bringing you the making-of stories of successful software developers to help you on your upcoming journey.
  • I created the site SeeCFP.com. I curate dozens of conference "call for papers" every week and send them out via a weekly newsletter.
  • I love mentoring/mentorship and have been advocating for it for many years. I created the Mentoring.Rocks free email course to help you grow as a mentor!
  • I am an active public speaker. I held keynotes, talks at over 70 events in the past 10 years. You can find a list of all of them on my talks page as well as find some of my slide-decks on Speakerdeck.com.

Talks and Publications

I love to talk, teach and write. I love story telling and narration. I love being on stage and have done so many (MANY) times over the years.


Feel free to use the following bio.

Timothée has been building synapses between human beings since 1983. As a passionate software developer, a coach, and a mentoring advocate, he takes profound joy in stepping on toes and pushing people to think about their journey. When the sun is up, he acts as the Chief Learning Officer for the MATHEMA GmbH company in Germany and spends as much time as he can with his wife and with [1;3] kids clutched on his back! But when the moon rises, he hosts the Software Developer's Journey podcast (https://devjourney.info) and collects life-stories like others gather stamps or Pokemons.

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📢 Things I’m interested in:

  • 📃 Being hired
  • 🗣️ Leadership / Mentorship (Leader, Manager, Mentor, Mentee)
  • 🎙️ Podcasting (Author/Listener)
  • 🍫 100% dark chocolate
  • 🥑 Ketosis

🚫 Things I’m not interested in:

  • 🗨️ Can you be my mentor? -> Engage with me on the topic of your choice first!

📇 Contact

  • Longform thoughts: info at timbourguignon dot fr
  • Shortform thoughts (most likely to get a quick reply): @timothep

Other ways to find me online, see my work and/or contact me: Github, Dev.To, Speakerdeck, LinkedIn, Xing, Youtube, Patreon, etc.

Want to talk mentoring, DevJourney or something related to software, career  and growth? Let's talk!

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