After my happy smartphone experiment post about reorganizing my phone to limit disturbance, I stumbled upon this article called: How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You. It sums up all the things I felt I should do. And much more. And on steroids!

Some of the subtlest changes are actually the deepest:

  • Most notifications set to a non intrusive mode.
  • No more badges to nag your fear of missing out feelings.
  • No more "raise to wake" means I have to choose to unlock the phone to see new notifications.
  • Do not disturb mode set all the time...

I implemented a good part of the configuration changes a week ago, and didn't regret any step. I catch myself staring at my phone and thinking "oh yes, nothing, well then" and put it back in my pocket. I recommend to take the time and read it.

Below is the table of content:

Optimize First for Single Tasking

#1. Turn OFF (almost) all notifications
#2. Hide social media slot machines
#3. Hide messaging slot machines
#4. Disable app review requests
#5. Turn on Do Not Disturb
#6. Be strategic about your wallpaper
#7. Turn off Raise to Wake
#8. Add the Screen Time widget
#9. Add Content Restrictions
#10. (Optional) Use Restrictions to turn off Safari
#11. Organize your Apps and Folders alphabetically

Switch to Google Cloud to Work Faster

#12. Choose GMail
#13. Choose Google Calendar
#14. Replace Apple Maps with Google Maps
#15. Install the GBoard keyboard for faster typing
#16. Switch to Google Photos

Install These Apps for Productivity

#17. Use Evernote for all note taking, to-do lists, everything
#18. The Case for Calm as your go-to meditation app
#19. Install the right goal tracker for you
#20. Store all your passwords in a password manager, probably LastPass
#21. Use Numerical as your default calculator
#22. Put the Camera app in your toolbar
#23. Use this Doppler Radar app
#24. Use this Pomodoro app
#25. Use for background noise

Use These Apps and Configurations for Deep Learning

#26. Subscribe to these podcasts
#27. Install the Kindle app but never read it in bed
#28. Use Safari this way
#29. Organize your home screen for deep learning over shallow learning

Use These Apps and Configurations for Longevity

#30. Track steps this way
#31. Prefer Time Restricted Eating Over Calorie Counting
#32. Schedule Night Shift
#33. Set up Medical ID

Make The Finishing Touches with These Configurations

#34. Change Siri to a man
#35. Change your phone’s name
#36. Turn off advertising tracking
#37. Set auto-lock to the maximum time
#38. Set your personal hotspot password to a three word phrase
#39. Turn on control center everywhere
#40. Turn on Background App Refresh
#41. Delete Garage Band
#42. Develop verbal memory for talking to Siri
#43. Set up these text replacement shortcuts
#44. Set your address
#45. Backup this way

Appendix A: Principles

Appendix B: Budget & Costs

Appendix C: Case Study

Appendix D: Updates

Here goes part III.

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash