Do you own a smartphone? How often does it vibrates in your pocket? More like once per hour? Ten times? One hundred times?

I used the opportunity of a weekend away with my wife, to shut down almost all the notifications on mine. After 3 days, it felt so good that I decided to leave it like this and more...I have a question for you:

What is your reason for putting an app on your Homescreen?

Efficiency, right? You want to have the tools you need the most, right there at your fingertips! This definitely makes sense. Why should you swipe twice to the right 150 times per day to find the app you use the most?

Unfortunately, I didn't take a screenshot of my homescreen back then. It was full with apps that didn't have a positive influence on me. Lots of apps with red badges reminding me that my inbox was not empty. Plenty of social apps telling me that I was missing something. Black holes apps, that suck in whole hours via infinite scrolling capabilities.

So I did a short thought experiment. I went through the apps on my Homescreen and listened to my feelings. For each app, I asked myself which feeling it triggered in me. Was I calm, energetic, fortunate, curious, attracted, cheerful? Or more like irritated, ashamed, fatigued, empty or frustrated? And finally I kept only the ones that have a positive influence on my life on the homescreen. I moved the rest to the last screen.

Here's my homescreen now:

Hey, I can see my kids!

Here's all that's left:

  • Coffitivity, because chatter while I am working helps me get in the "Zone"
  • Forest, because sometimes I need a little push to remain concentrated on a task
  • Discourse, because there is a Keto site where I learn something new everyday
  • Calm, because meditating gives me so much energy
  • Overcast, because podcasts are central in my life
  • Audible, because beyond podcasts I listen to audiobooks as well
  • Camera, because capturing a nice scenery or the kids doing something is always a source of joy
  • Safari, because I read and learn a lot on the internet and I like discovering new things
  • Whatsapp, because this is my lifeline to my family back in France
  • Notes, because I write all the time - this is in fact the app I use the most
  • Albums, because after taking pictures, I often stare at them again and again

What would your Homescreen look like? I encourage you do try as well. Unclog your homescreen. Keep only the apps that make you happy. Try it out for a couple days. Then come back here to tell me how you feel!

Edit: here it goes to the Happy SmartPhone Experiment II

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash