In a few months, the project I'm currently coaching will be internally audited. All good, been audited before and the project is on good rails. We got a little briefing about what is going to happen, it was something along the lines of:

"They're here to help us identify weak spots in the project structure, it's really friendly, we didn't do anything bad, each of the biggest projects get audited on a regular basis bla bla bla"

All good. Friendly or not, I've certainly seen worse before. And as I said, we're good.

But then this information was dropped:

"They are going to use the "SOS Methode (DE)"

I swallowed hard, wondering if I heard that right. What the fuck is the "SOS Method"? I pulled out my phone to check:

The SOS approach is a standardized project management method for big IT-Projects in the public sector

I really had to pinch myself. Somebody really thought it was a good idea to name a project management method "SOS"... and somebody else thought it a good idea to use it in "friendly audits".

Want to give a good first impression? Don't change anything... :P

Image Source: Office by Michael (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)