Do you track your fitness activities? Which device you use? Your phone or a GPS watch (I have a Suunto Spartan)? Which platform do you use? Strava? Garmin Connect? CountMoves? RunKeeper? Runtastic? Endomondo? PolarFlow? Fitbit? And more importantly, where are your friends? Social sharing and gamification are for sure a big part of the fitness experience. Of course all those services battle for your data and are reluctant to export to the others. I've had my fare share of going back and forth between services. Until I recently stumbled upon RunGap, the App I missed all those years.

In one sentence, RunGap simply pulls activities from services and shares it to others.

Official Picture from RunGap

From left to right below:

  • You can decide which service is a source and which is a destination (or both)
  • You get a detailed view of all the activities it recorded
  • And detailed views of the activities themselves:

Beware with the source settings, I've added one service recently and didn't change the both ways default setting and ended up with 40+ activities doubled in the list.

So my Workflow is now very easy:

  • Run with my Suunto Watch,
  • Get home and upload the activity on Suunto Moves,
  • Sometimes edit the activity (more on this here),
  • Launch and refresh RunGap to see the activity shared on all platforms my friends are spread onto!

A real time saver!

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Photo by asoggetti on Unsplash