After a pretty deceiving experience with my last Garmin watch, I recently bought a Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR GPS Watch. I must say I've been thrilled with the design, the finish and the usage of the watch sofar... expect for one little thingy.

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR GPS Watch

As I explained in my previous post, I use RunGap to share the activities that are uploaded to Suunto's Movescount platform to Runkeeper, Garmin Connect and Strava. All works very well except the editing part.

Suunto Movescount let you edit metadata, but not the activity itself, i.e. removing GPS points.

Why do you need this? For instance if you forget to turn off your watch at the right moment during a training run like I did a few days ago. I came back home, met a neighbor in front of the house and got lost in the discussion.

I found two ways to go around this.

The manual way

The cleanest way is to do it per hand:

  1. Upload the activity to Suunto Movescount
  2. Export the activity via "Tools / Export as GPX"
  3. Open it with a tool like GPS Track Editor (Windows)
  4. Remove the points you don't want
  5. Save the GPX File
  6. Upload it back into Movescount
  7. Delete the original activity in Movescount

The RunGap way

As presented in this previous post, RunGap can share activities across services. You can use this feature to edit the activity in a service that can do it like Runkeeper:

  1. Upload the activity to Suunto Movescount
  2. Change your sharing presets in RunGap to only share activites from Movescount to Runkeeper and share it
  3. Edit the activity in Runkeeper
  4. Delete the original activity in Movescount
  5. Change your presets in RunGap to share activities only from Runkeeper to Movescount
  6. Delete the activity in Runkeeper
  7. Change back your RunGap presets to the normal settings (for me MovesCount -> All)
  8. Share the activity with all others


Both ways work, but are kind of equally a pain in the butt. Fortunately, I shouldn't have to use it too often... But still it happened to me twice in the first 2 months...

I hope this helps someone... someday... or myself in a few months >_<

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Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash