This is going to sound like showing off... and it may be a little bit. It is one of "those posts". A month ago, I bought a new watch. I have had a belorussian Luch single-hand watch for a while now. I loved the imprecision of it, but I needed to go further. So I bought a beautiful piece from Botta Design:

UNO 24 Botta Design

As you can see, it is a 24 hour single hand watch. Each small graduation represents 10 minutes. You can also note the day/night modes (midnight is down "at 6-o-clock"). I wake up at 6 on the left, and leave work latest at 18 on the right. I'm starting to see my life like a pie-chart :P

I've loved those single-hand watches for the fuzziness they bring in my life. In our modern era, I tend to be on time "to the second" to any appointment. Instead of feeling great, I feel trapped. I get impatient when others are late, and I hate myself for it.

Having at my wrist this constant reminder of "keeping it cool", has already proven valuable!

And you? What is your relation to time? How do you prevent it running your life for you?