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2017 [11]

As hinted in 2016, I started 2017 by building on my two topics: Developer's Journey and Agile Leadership. "The forgotten art of mentoring" talk emerged from DevJourney and overlaps more or less with it depending on the length of the talks.

Here's where you can catch a glimps of me... or where you missed me already:

  • The forgotten art of mentoring
    • TopConf, Düsseldorf Germany, October 6th 2017
  • If only unicorn-developers could grow on trees!
  • The forgotten art of mentoring
  • The forgotten art of mentoring
  • The forgotten art of mentoring
    • NCrafts, Paris France, May 18th 2017
  • The Unicorns strike back, the forgotten art of mentoring
  • The agile league of extraordinarily shortsighted agile super-leaders
  • The agile league of extraordinarily shortsighted agile super-leaders
  • The forgotten art of mentoring
  • The forgotten art of mentoring
  • The forgotten art of mentoring

2016 [9]

In 2016, I stepped a bit out of the tech circuit to concentrate on the soft skills developer need to become excellent. I order to prepare the release of the book I am writing (see here and here), I talked at a few different events.

Building on the experience of the last years, I also created a few new Agile talks that I will probably roll out in 2017 as well.

  • Ach, wenn Einhorn-Entwickler auf Bäume wachsen würden! (DevJourney Keynote)
  • 1001 Pitfals, Corporate Scrum Master antipatterns
  • Agile Mythbusters
  • Developer's journey
    • Techs'R'Us, Live Event organized by Microsoft Germany, June 2016
  • Developer's journey
    • .NET Day Franken, Nürnberg, Germany, June 2016, Talk elected "best talk of the conference" by the attendees
  • Developer's journey
  • Developer's journey
  • Developer's journey
  • Breeding unicorn developers

2015 [4]

Because of some non-work-related hickups, I decided to pull up a little bit on the talks front early in 2015.

Nevertheless, I responded to the challenge of creating a new talk, but not alone. With my colleague Thomas Künneth we created the talk App-ocalypse Now / The backside of your app that we presented a multiple conferences.

On another front, I was guest on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast and had the chance to discuss with Vasco Duarte over 5 Episodes about my career path as an agilist and a Scrum Master and some of the learnings I gathered until now.

Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast Logo

Here is a summary of the talks I gave:

2014 [7]

In 2014 I did some research on the idea or writing a Regex DSL (you can read about all my findings and research process in the blog - the first post of the series is called The birth of SimpleExpression). In this Talk, I describe the idealistic original view of the DSL, the syntaxic research, the implementation and re-work of the language and the final implementation. This research project became another card in my deck called Lost in Translation.

Following the same process, I also wrote about 5 OpenSource libraries that deserve more love. NodaTime, Json.NET, JsonFx, RestSharp and TinyIoC. The first post of the series is called Running a marathon barefoot. This also became a talk with the same name.

Here is the summary of my appearances:

2013 [6]

In 2013 I added two presentations to my deck.

After a very appreciated screencast about Simple.Data at the .NET User Group Franken's Tools Slam (video in German), I pushed the envelope and created a full presentation to introduce Simple.Data (available on slideshare) and was able to present it a couple times.

This encouraged me to explore the world of C# Dynamics further and create add another presentation to my deck: C# Dynamics in the Wild. The slides are also available on slideshare. This talk explores the dynamic keyword of C# 4.0 and its usages in frameworks and applications.

Here is a summary of my appearances:

2012 [2]

Encouraged by a job I partially chose exactly for this reason, I finally stepped up and created my first talk about combining NancyFX and Simple.Data (talk on slideshare) for Rapid Application Development following the Super Duper Happy Path.

I was able to present it twice in 2012:

2011 [1]

  • Writing code for a living & Living for writing code two day session as a guest at the UIST (University of Information Science and Technology) in Ohrid, Macedonia.