Publish button on the admin page

A few months ago, I set out to write a book that had been forming in my head for months... or maybe years. Passed the first notes here and there and the first attempts at building up a skeleton, I finally started writing for good.

My nameless manuscript is a collection of thought-triggering essays that will act as a to-think, to-digest, to-meditate and to-do list for novice software developers and curious minds alike. It revolves around the following idea:

What does the next generation of software developers look like? Which advice would you give developers starting their career in order to accelerate their journey toward great team-work and proficiency?

After having toyed around with MSWord, written on the backend of this blog or on text files in a local git repository, I finally settled on using Leanpub for it. It swallows Markdown format, can hook up to a git repository and can create a fully styled PDF at the click of a button.

One of the other advantages of Leanpub is the marketplace. People can buy your unfinished book and participate to its creation by giving you feedback and helping you shape the content way before it is too late.

The only hurdle being that you need to decide when good enough is in fact good enough. You also need to find a title, a cover and decide the price at which you will sell your eBook. Then you finally have to push the "publish" button.

With a bit more than 15 essays of 300 bis 600 words each, I think I have enough content to push THE button. But I still miss the three other key information...

Cover Image: Leanpub Admin section, Tim Bourguignon CC BY 2.0