Have you ever read a tweet and found yourself crawling through all the responses to see what people are saying? This can be quite tedious. The problem is that you never know “from which tweet” the real discussion starts.

Ideally, there is one root tweet, and X answers. All the answers are attached directly to the main tweet. And then there can be answers attached to the answers, and answers attached to those as well. There starts the fun. Some twitter clients are able to show you when an answer to an answer is posted, especially when the original author replies as well. But it’s hard to follow.

Searching for a solution, I found an excellent chrome extension: Treeverse.

Give it a root tweet, and it will show you right away the whole discussion as a tree. The root tweet is on the top, all others “hanging” below like branches. You can open and close branches and thus visually follow the discussion. The answers of the author of the tweet themselves are flagged.

Here's the overview of a tweet from Scott Hanselman about his wedding:

Scott Hanselmans Tweet

And here under the conversation tree as displayed on Treeverse. On the right hand side you can see on the conversation I selected (last node on the right-most branch of the leftmost fork):


You can see that Scott answered 4 times within 5 minutes and 2 discussions emerged.

All in all a very neat tool to have at hand if you really want to follow every steps of a discussion.

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash