Last June, I got a capsular rupture on my right thumb. After months wearing a cask, Ergotherapy and paying close attention to it, I was finally completely pain free, had enough strength to open a jar again, had regained almost a complete mobility and was able to ride my bike again!

Last week, I was hit by a car while riding my bike back from work. The driver was coming my way, didn't see me, made a U-turn and he ended up hitting me from the side, with almost 90 degrees. Fortunately I was wearing my helmet and my usual backpack, which took most of the hit and I only "felt on the ground". Only one scratch, but my thumb flared up again. Back to the cask.

Yesterday I went to my physicist to get a copy of the X-Ray images made in June. Guess who I see in the waiting room? Yes, the driver. After a quick chat about me, I finally ask him what he is doing here: capsular rupture doing sports.

Karma anyone?