Doing organization development, I behave like a rubber band.

On the one hand, I am holding on to reality, while I project the other hand, far into potential futures. Then I try to pull the organization toward one of those new states.

Sometimes, I reach too far, or I am too weak for that given system. Then, either the organization won‘t bulge, or I will snap. And at times, I even spend too long in this stretched-out position, I harden and become inflexible. I am then unable to adapt to new ideas.

Don’t stretch too far, and never for too long. Oscillate instead: stretch out and relax to let the organization move or catch up. Do not underestimate the inertia of organizations, it will move, thanks to your pulling, but it takes time! And during that time, you pulling further won’t help. Relax instead. And test your limits, and those of the organization, to never stretch too far. Otherwise, depression or even burnout await, you wouldn't want to snap!

To be a sustainable and effective change agent, be like a rubber-band!

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash