This December 2016 will mark my 10 years anniversary moving from France to Germany. Even though the blog got rebooted, it is also the 10 years of this "Auswanderer Quatsch" and recently there's been very little "Quatsch".

As a foreigner living in Germany, I see less and less things that intrigues me ; which might speaks for my level of integration. But still there are some examples.

Although I know and understand fully well the reasons why, the way the German national day is not-celebrated, still puzzles me.

The Berliner wall fell on November 9th 1989, but this date in 1938 was also the terrible "Kristallnacht", so the national day was set to the day the reunification was officialised instead, October 3rd. So what happened yesterday here in Nuremberg?


I've often tried to get my friends, in-laws and my wife to verbalize more about it, but all that I get is something like "we've had our share of national pride in the past with the effects you know" or on the funnier side "every year a city has to celebrate for all the others". German humor.

As I said, I know and understand fully well those reasons why, but deep inside, the way this national day is not-celebrated, still puzzles me. Maybe understanding and being OK with this is the true and only real integration test?