Dystopian Brexit

October 1, 2016 · Brexit Politics Sci-Fi

It took me quite a while to pinpoint that thought about the Brexit. In a way, I wasn't that surprised by the decision to leave the EU, but I couldn't understand why. I think I just found out...

Most of the dystopian stories I read or saw, where a small country evolves toward a securitarian community closed on itself, I pictured as England in my mind.

I see a few reasons for this: most of the sci-fi books I read, and movies I watched, were in English and I always pictured the USA too big and too diverse to turn onto itself like this. England being a small island, it is more plausible a destination. Finally one of the first dystopian stories I read was 1984 and takes place in England. All in all, this could explain why such stories always take place in England for me...

Am I the only one?

Image Source: Surveillance from Jonathan McIntosh (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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