Amitai Schlair Agile in 3 Minutes

After a very long discussion with me, myself and I, I finally overcame my fear and published this first interview for #DevJourney. Hard to hear your voice, put your own hosting skills (or lack thereof) out in the open. Amitai dropped so many gems on me, and I picked up so little of them. But I'm sure you will find something to enjoy!

Amitai was very generous with his time, we talked - among many other things - about Amitai's Story, about mentoring, teams, seniority, buying your freedom to do what you like, Amitai's podcast "agile in 3 minutes" and the role music plays in his life.

You can grab it directly on Soundcloud or listen to it directly here under. You can also register the podcast directly from itunes or if you prefer directly with the RSS Feed.

I'd love to hear your feedback, both on the topics discussed, on my hosting and on the editing and publishing of the podcast.

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