My small quadcopter's battery died a while back. A few hours later, I ordered 5 replacement batteries on Aliexpress. That was a month ago.

Today I finally got the package delivered and was kind of puzzled by the size of it. I mean, 5 little batteries could fit a very small envelope. Why did my package look like there was a grapefruit in there? When I opened it... surprise! An aeroplane! WHAT THE FUCK?

Aeroplane Toy

I must admit my heart jumped in my chest and I was ready to go through half of Captain Haddock's expletives. But then I flipped it up side down and felt something moving inside. Two little screws later, I had my batteries:

Air delivery Smuggling

The "cargo" part is actually quite big. And there is absolutely no reason for it to be there bytheway. I wonder if it is a common practice for this company to expedite electronic components? Will probably never know. I promptly logged onto Aliexpress to leave a 5 start colorful comment. That's the kind of detaily that really make you smile!

Smuggling batteries via Air-Delivery. Who would have thought? :P