After almost a year without love for Simply.Write, I finally found the time to correct a few bugs and - more importantly - push out a Windows 8.1 version of it (and this 18 Days before the rollout of Windows 10... yes... I know).

Simply Write Main Page with highlighted features

You can find it in the Store as usual.

Changes in v1.1.0.1:

  • There is now a welcome text when you load the app for the first time (I received a few comments wondering why the app was completely white >_<)
  • The app gives out now better warnings when you didn't save your file explicitely (the text is still saved in a temporary file, but you don't have any control over it).
  • There is now a "new" button that closes the current document and starts a new one.
  • I also added a word and character count.

If you think it misses a feature, let me know!