Hi, I'm Tim, full time geek, agile developer and bullshit hunter. I'm curious- and creative-minded, eager to search, teach and talk. I'm a French born European child living in Germany. When I'm not at a computer, you'll find me behind a camera, in my running shoes or with my wife and son... never in that order!


Developer Week DWX

I'll be presenting two talks about C# dynamics "Dynamisch und gefährlich? C# Dynamics in freier Wildbahn" and a fist-full of open-source libraries that I cannot live without anymore "Marathon laufen ohne Schuhe, Libs ohne die ich nicht mehr programmieren will". I presented those two talks at various conferences, see the talks page for more info.

Nürnberg, July 2014


I'll be presenting an introduction to my regular expression frenzy (see the series on this blog for more) and the two open source library that it produced: SimpleExpression and MagicExpression.

Nürnberg, September 2014

Oh no! Lazy-Tim has no other talk planned in the next months... but if you think I could/should be speaking somewhere, feel free to drop me a line at himself@timbourguignon.fr. A list of all the talks I gave already can be found on the talks page. Additionally, in May 2014 I was accepted as an INETA Speaker. If you'd like me to visit your UserGroup, it's now easier than ever. Let's make it happen!