Did we take the EU for granted?

June 24th 2016 was a sad day, but I don't want to bash the rosbif today. Not today. Let's speak about me... and you instead. I am old enough to have lived with closed European borders, but honestly I don't remember ever waiting there to cross. My youth has been made of eventual trips across borders inside the European Union: Austria, Portugal & Scotland to name a few. How was yours? For the past few years, the speaker bio I
- Did we take the EU for granted?

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To whom are you speaking to?

A few weeks ago I interviewed Max for developers journey. By scrolling his blog I found an article called 'You're brilliant, stay humble' that's deeply resonated with me. It talks about why it is important to know the context in which you are when you speak about an idea. Recently I heard or read a lot of things hinting toward "Agile is dead"... it's been kind of trendy to say this apparently. Here's a google trend capture: This sentence is
- To whom are you speaking to?

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DevJourney Interview #16 Damien Beaufils

In this episode, I talked to Damien Beaufils, a french software craftsman working in Paris. Damien shared the experience he made on his current project ; how he helped his team focus on quality to improve the whole software. We talked about the different kind of tests, the test pyramid and Damien even shared a very good recipe on how to improve test quality in a legacy or project lacking tests. Nota: We unfortunately had a couple hickups toward the middle
- DevJourney Interview #16 Damien Beaufils

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Backup and versioning strategy

How often do you backup your data? How safe is it? Did you try to restore it recently? Did you try to restore it at all? A while back, Scott Hanselman published an article on his blog about this topic, and pretty much at the same time, one of my sisters experienced a small backing strategy hiccup: Fail to backup correctly Fail to notice it Live in a rainbow & unicorn world where your data is safely running on marshmallow
- Backup and versioning strategy

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