For years now, I've been updating the page with all my upcoming talks. But somehow, it never occured to me to publish an update here as well >_<

Following Amitai Schlaier's example (and I even tactlessly stole the name of his article too) here's a list of the conferences I will attend to and where we will be able to catch up, grab a beer and have a nice chat:

  • Warsaw Poland (4Developers) - April 3rd
  • Cologne Germany (Dotnet Cologne) - May 5th
  • Nuremberg Germany (.NET Day Franken) - May 13th
  • Paris, France (NewCrafts) - May 18th
  • Karlsruhe Germany (Entwicklertag) - May 23rd
  • Nuremberg Germany (DWX) - June 28th
  • Braunschweig, Germany (Java User Group) - September 21st
  • Düsseldorf Germany (TopConf) - October 6th

See you there!

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash