How to meet me (spring 2017 edition)

March 19, 2017 · Catch up Talks Conferences

For years now, I've been updating the page with all my upcoming talks. But somehow, it never occured to me to publish an update here as well >_<

Following Amitai Schlaier's example (and I even tactlessly stole the name of his article too) here's a list of the conferences I will attend to and where we will be able to catch up, grab a beer and have a nice chat:

  • Warsaw Poland (4Developers) - April 3rd
  • Cologne Germany (Dotnet Cologne) - May 5th
  • Nuremberg Germany (.NET Day Franken) - May 13th
  • Paris, France (NewCrafts) - May 18th
  • Karlsruhe Germany (Entwicklertag) - May 23rd
  • Nuremberg Germany (DWX) - June 28th
  • Braunschweig, Germany (Java User Group) - September 21st
  • Düsseldorf Germany (TopConf) - October 6th

See you there!

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