Comic Strip Header: Yet another Strip, because one bad picture is way better than 1000 bad words

Taking care of a backlog is a damn hard task. Keeping the priorities up and having enough to feed a hungry developer platoon isn't funny either. Sometimes one find some strange backlogs where everything seems to be detailed from top to bottom... that's where some red lights should go on in a coach's mind!

How detailed should your backlog be? First they meet, then they fight, finally they fuck. This is the only backlog where I would expect the last item to be better detailed than the first one

PS: This backlog is of course a free interpretation of the splendid scenario that Rony Abitbol attempts to sell Odile Deray in the french movie La cité de la peur:

Rony Abitbol : And I've got a new project for you if you're interested... It's called « Snow-White and the magnificient 7 ». First, they meet. Then they meet and they fight. And then at the end, they fuck. It's unbelievable !