After so many years using Wordpress, I longed for something else, something simpler. So when came the time to reboot "Auswanderer Quatsch", I decided to move to a new platform, try something new: Ghost.

Ghost appeared in November 2012 as a simple concept paper expressing what I also felt. That I could resume with one quote:

You see, WordPress has changed. What started out as a humble blogging platform targeted at enabling digital publishing for the masses, has evolved into a fully-fledged website CMS

Wordpress has become too much. It sure does the job if I concentrate on the tiny part of it I really need... but it is becoming hard to forget about the rest of the monster.

The online reaction to that paper was so huge that the author decided to run along with it. He created a company, launched a Kickstarter project which crushed its target (almost eight times) and so hired some developers to make that Ghost appear for real.

Compared to the full fledged Wordpress, Ghost wants to become an author friendly, opinionated (e.g. few options), minimalist blogging engine.

More than a year down the line, the basic features are out and the platform (in version 0.4) is runnable. Sure there are some things left to be desired and most of the spotlight features that were in that paper are missing, but it's already a very stable product and a very enjoyable writing experience.